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Want a cool mural but have no overhead projector?

As it has in recent years often been seen in interior design programs on TV, they project a large design on the wall and creates large, stunning results. It was in fact one of the reasons that we started Stencilsonline.

By using projection you can paint much more sophisticated and challenging motives than with traditional cut out stencils. One can create an entire mural or just a small children's room detail. The advantage of projection is that you can take designs that are to advanced to cut out.

The only "problem" for many has been to get hold of a projector which is required to do so. Either overhead or digital projector.

We have in the past year been working pretty hard on trying to get around this and now we come to the conclusion: The Projection rod!


How does it work?
- The Projector rod  is a simple tool that allows virtually anyone to create a projector of what's at home.
- It consists of a flexible metal rod with two adhesive pads, and together with an office lamp you'll have a working projector!
It's really
that simple! 


We have tested a variety of different types of lamps and lightbulbs and the best results are achieved by those with a good reflector. Either directly at the light source (reflector) or in the cup of the lamp.
It's basically all about creating a projecting beam of light.

One of the lamps we tested and got perfect result with is IKEA's office lamp "FLYGEL" and one of those or similar  is probably in most homes. A normal reading light generally also works good, but you'll have to use a reflector lamp  .

Want a stunning mural, paint a picture worth a great artist or if you have any other fun idea but lacks a projector at home, put the projector rod in your shopping cart!

Projector Rod product page can be found here.