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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
1. By disclosing your personal information and registering an account with us or logging in to the website, you specifically allow Stencilsonline to process and carry on your personal information for the purposes specified on this website, or in any other way as specified by the terms.

2. Personal information is regarded as all information about you which identifies you or through which your identity can be revealed.

3. Stencilsonline only collects personal information as requiried for one or several of our features or activities to function. The kind of personal information collected from our customers is name, address, contact details, information regarding credit cards, and any other information that the customer wishes to disclose.

4. Personal information will be transferred to our website.

5. Stencilsonline will process your personal information in order to administer your customer account, maintain our accounts and directories, survey the usage levels of the website and the quality of the service we provide.

6. Stencilsonline uses cookies. A cookie is a little information file which is stored in your web browser. The Cookie file contains only anonymous information, meaning your name, e-mail or other personal information is not stored. Stencilsonline’s website uses this file to provide services after requests have been made to our servers. The information stored in relation to the cookie file is used to control the login process, measure website hits and visitors. If  you do not accept the usage of cookies on this website, you can turn it off in your web browser’s security settings. This, however, limits the use and certain features of the website.