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Alphabet Troll - VK1015


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The product for you who want an unique and really impressive interior decor!

For larger and more advanced designs than what you can do with traditional cut stencils.

The design is projected on the wall either through an overhead projector, or if you have a digital projector you can choose to get the design digitally delivered.

The technique allows very large designs, and are determined more or less of what you decide.

If you do not have access to their own digital or overhead projector, you can purchase our own projector rod together with the design for a very discounted price. You can in this way easily create your own projector with a simple lamp at home.

For inspiration and examples of how Wall concepts could look like, click on the thumbnails to the left.

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Alphabet Troll - VK1015

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More advanced and powerful designs than traditional stencils. Used by projecting the design on the wall / surface and you basically decide yourself the size (up to 5 meters).
Provides sensational results!

How does it work?

  Choose how you want your Wall concept delivered in the dropdown menu1
- Do you use an overhead projector or our projector rod, choose "With post".

- Do you use a digital projector connected to your computer or similar, select "Digital via email"

2If you do not have access to a projector, you can choose to purchase our Projector rod for a very discounted price if done together with the Wall concept. If so, choose "Yes, please add" in the next drop menu.

3Depending on the delivery method you chose, you either get the Wall concept sent to your mailbox, or as a PDF file via email.

It's then time to project the stencil on the wall. There are always included painting instructions and tips for best results.

Do not have a projector?

As mentioned above, if you do not have access to a projector, you can take the opportunity to buy our own developed tool the "Projector rod" for a special price when you buy a wall concept. It allows you to create your own projector using a simple office lamp at home. You can read more about Projector rod on this page.
SKU VK1015
Painting technology Projection
Color Your choice
Stencil type Wall concept
Size information From centimeters up to 5 meters. The distance between the wall / surface, the projector and you decide.
Usage area Walls, paintings, furniture, textiles, tiles, etc. Your imagination is the limit.

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